Avinash Kumar

Bengaluru · Karnataka · India - 500081 · (+91)7765034079 · avinashvidyarthi@gmail.com

Hi there! I'm Avinash, a Cloud Engineer with 2 years of experience in GCP and AWS. As a Cloud Engineer/Architect certified by GCP & AWS, I am well-versed in designing and deploying scalable cloud-based solutions. In addition to cloud technologies, I have knowledge and experience in web development using JavaScript and NodeJS. This makes me a versatile professional with a unique skill set that can help organizations succeed in their cloud journey.

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Sr. Research Associate


Working with Infra, Migration and Security on AWS and GCP

  • Leading successful cloud infrastructure creation projects, ensuring scalability and cost-efficiency
  • Expert in cloud security, implementing robust measures to protect data and applications.
  • Led seamless cloud migration projects with minimal downtime and disruptions.
  • Played a key role in pre-sales tasks, securing new projects and building client relationships.
  • Implemented solutions that align with client goals, maximizing the value of cloud services.
Jan 2023 - Present

Programmer Analyst


Working on managed services of Google Cloud Platform.

  • Learning Cloud Technologies in depth
  • Got certified as Professional Cloud Architect & Associate Cloud Architect by Google Cloud
  • Working with managed products of GCP. Eg: App Engine, Cloud Run, Cloud SQL, etc
  • Working on automating the workflow
July 2021 - Jan 2023

Junior Web Developer

Zignuts Technolab

Worked on backend with technologies like NodeJS, SailsJS, AWS on project Silvatree

  • Implemented backend referral scenario for the project
  • Used many AWS products like S3, Cognito, SNS, SQS, etc.
  • Worked with serverless architecture using AWS lambda
  • Worked with various DBs like MySQL & MongoDB
Sept 2020 - July 2021

Freelance Backend Developer

Heurex Software Solution

I was working as a Freelance Backend Developer working in NodeJs for 3 months.

May 2020 - July 2020

Web Developer

Matrubhumi Shelters Pvt. Ltd.

Worked on the website for Matrubhumi Shelters Pvt. Ltd. to provide attractive and responsive look to the user interface.Visit site

July 2019 - Oct 2019

Web Developer


Member of the team which developed and maintained the website for CSE branch fest at GIET Gunupur and served a backend developer.

Sept 2018 - Dec 2018


GIET University, Gunupur

Bachelor of Technology
Computer Science Engineering

CGPA: 9.18

2017 - 2021

K.L.S College, Nawada, Bihar


Percentage: 70%

2014 - 2016

T.M.V.M Pawapuri


CGPA: 9.8



Cloud Technologies
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Platform
Frontend Technologies
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Angular 2.0+
  • Bootstrap
Backend Technologies
  • NodeJS
  • ExpressJS
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • Git
  • Postman
  • Firebase
  • WebRTC



Angular, NodeJS, MongoDB, Zoho

This is an online MCQ contest site where one can host MCQ contest seamlessly.
Demo Video  See project


HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, NodeJS, Socket.io

One to one video call/chat room portal.
Demo Video  Github Repo  See project

Riverine Education

Angular 8

This is the official website of RIverine Education, Majuli
Visit Site

Doubt Clearance Cell

HTML, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL

This project is focused on clearing the doubts. Users can upload their doubt and other user can help them clear their doubt
Github Repo   View PPT   See project

Type Racer

AngularJs, Bootstrap, NodeJs, MySQL

This is a website which measures the typing speed of a user. The user will be given a paragraph and they have to type that as fast as they can.
Github Repo   See project


HTML, CSS, NodeJS, SocketIO

You can join in the same room and can draw on the same canvas. It uses NodeJS and SocketIO to draw on the canvas collaboratively.
Github Repo   See project

Remember Number Game

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Remember the sequence of the number and try to put it back in after it gets black.
Github Repo   See project

Fisher's Game

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

There are 12 pairs of the fish and you have to find all.
Github Repo   See project

Agrawal Sanitaion

Mobirise 4

This is the official website of Agrawal Sanitaion, Lohardaga
Visit Site


HTML, jQuery, Firebase

This is small social media platform. This lets user sign-in with google and upload their photos.
See project

Optical Character Recognition | OCR

Angular 8, Tesseract.js

This portal user camera API to take photos and Tesseract.js to optically read the image.
See project

QR Code Generator

HTML, PHP, Google Vision API

This QR code generator is using Google's Vision API to generate QR codes. It generates different type of QR codes, like: Text, URL, Email, Phone, SMS, Contact, UPI and WIFI.
Github Repo   See project


HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript

StopWatch created in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript.
Github Repo   See project

Jumbled PIN Keypad

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery

This project is inspired by YONO SBI Lite login interface. The keypad is shuffled as to increase the security.
Github Repo   See project

Matrubhumi Shelter’s Pvt. Ltd.

Mobirise 4

This is the official website of Matrubhumi Shelters Pvt. Ltd.
Visit Site

Analog Clock

P5 Js

An attractive analog clock developed using p5JS.
See project


HTML, CSS, JavaScript

A simple Calculator using HTML, CSS and JavaScript
Github Repo   See project


Solutions Architect

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate


Cloud Architect

Google Cloud certified Professional Cloud Architect


Cloud Engineer

Google Cloud certified Associate Cloud Engineer



FreeCodeCamp certified Back End Development and APIs developer certification


Acheivements & Awards

  • Awarded "Rookie of the Quarter" for Mar-June 2023 Quarter at CloudThat
  • Trainer at 2-day workshop on web development organized by Odisha Oracle Users Group at GIET University, Gunupur
  • Member of the team which developed and maintained website for annual branch fest of CSE – AVYAKT: 2018
  • Got selected in university’s internal hackathon for Smart India Hackathon – 2020

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